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  • Let's Go Shopping!

    Design and complete your own kitchen. Spend the day with me at all my favorite local kitchen resources and get insider tips on finding just the right product at the best value. I know my readers are savvy. They can and want to design their own kitchens. Collaborate with me to execute the technical details of your vision. Shopping dates available from Jupiter to Boca Raton. Contact me for further info.

  • Follow Me to Milan!

    April 6-11 I will be traveling to Design Week in Milan. Follow my visit to see the latest design products, trends and more.
    For photos of some of my recent work. click here

On My Way to Milano

Sunday morning I will begin the long journey to Design Week in Milan.  I’m really looking forward to seeing my Blanco Design Council peeps, the Modenus gang and all the events that are in store for us.   We will hit the show beginning Tuesday morning.  I will be snapping photos right and left so you can see all the awesomeness yourself. But wait, it gets better.  Our sponsors have organized a Pinterest contest.   Read more

A New View into Kitchen Design

This year marks my twentieth anniversary in this industry.  I was originally a fashion major but when I fled the retail life for this industry I came to it totally green.  I still clearly remember my first day looking at a floor plan.  I couldn’t tell a door apart from a bathtub. My, have we come along way!  Around 5 years ago I converted from hand drafting to computer, yes I was a hold out.  I taught myself Chief Architect and never looked back (although I still look forward to learning it much more in depth). Read more

Cabinet Doors + Art=Maple Craft Doors

One of the benefits of working for a custom cabinet shop like Brendan Donovan Furniture & Cabinet Co. is OPTIONS!  Many of the projects I work on are combinations of both manufactured and custom cabinets.  We can order it.  We can make it all (including doors) or we can make the cabinet boxes and order the doors.  Speaking of doors, how about these doors?!

Read more

Getting Ready to Meet Milan

Where can you go to see the genius of Leonardo da Vinci as well as the brilliance of contemporary couture and cutting edge design?  MILAN!!!  This year I will be one of the more than two million annual visitors to Milan.  I’m excited to be a part of the Blanco team covering the Milan Furniture Fair or more properly referred to as, Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano.   Read more

My New Favorite Flooring Find

Flooring is the basis for every room in your house, ground zero if you will.  We want it to be a flattering backdrop for our decor, cabinetry and rugs BUT it’s also got to be durable and easy to take care of.  Wood flooring is all the rage and, to be sure, nothing equals the warmth and richness of a real wood floor. Read more